Get FinancinG

Are you aware of a property that could be renovated and flipped?


  • SpotOn properties will fund your project.

  • Manage the renovation of your project with our contractors.

  • Professionally sell the property when completed.

  • Give you a cut of the profits when done, or a flat referral fee up front if you prefer.

We feel Real Estate is one of the safest investments you can make. Whether you need funding for your own investment property, are looking to buy a rental property, or would just like to invest in real estate, we can help!


Want to own real estate without having to put in the work to upkeep your property?

  • Choose and purchase a home that we have flipped to like-new status.

  • We will manage the property, rent the home,  and deal with the tenants.

  • You get to sit back and collect the rent.

Become a private Lender

Do you want to become a private lender on other peoples properties?

  • Fund deals that you don’t have to fix up

  • You invest in a property and get a fixed return

  • Once a property is sold, you get your money back with your fixed return


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